Posted On: March 20, 2024
Category: Announcements
Author: chewy

General News.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, we at Aurora have some special news for everyone today! We have officially locked in our official relaunch date for our game servers. Aurora will go back online on Friday, May, 17th at around 5pm eastern time. With this news you can expect to see us begin marketing the game once again on YouTube and other platforms to start bringing in some new faces. You can expect a more detailed news letters in regards to development and our plans overall over the coming weekends.

First lets get into the various events that will be taking place as we move closer and closer to launch!

  1. Burgz’s Bug Extermination Event
  2. OSRS GP Giveaways
  3. Donation Promo

1.  OSRS GP Giveaways

  • Starting Friday, April 22nd we will begin doing weekly 100m OSRS giveaways, these can be redeemed for OSRS or in-game donations.

2. Burgz’s Bug Extermination Event

With the new bug fixes / updates coming out I’ve thought about a BUG event brought to you by all the Staff Team that should please all parties in the end. It will give a lot of new community members insight on what Aurora has to offer in game AND what’s to come in the future. Also the amount of work that is being done to make this game 100%. This event would let members gain tons of knowledge about the server, it will also give you a slight edge on players once the server releases, especially knowing where everything is and how it works. It will also give the staff team more bugs to fix so we can have a smoother server release.

How does it work?

  • Players will be rewarded a financial amount ($0.01-$5.00) for reporting any bug they find currently on the beta for the remaining time it is online.
    • All bugs must be reported in the #Report-Bugs channel on discord
  • Burgz is doing this out of the kindness of his heart, and will donate to Aurora in your name so that you may claim the benefits to enjoy!
  • Aurora will also add a 50% bonus to each donation reward as a token of our appreciation.


  • Players must reach at least $25 in bug reports to collect one of the prizes in this event
  • Staff may not use unreleased content towards their report list
  • Any dupes found will be rewarded with a bonus in-name donation
  • Any game breaking bugs will be rewarded with a bonus in-name donation
  • Any player who participates and reaches the $20 mark will earn the loyalist rank coming with the relaunch


    1st Place will receive a $100 in-name donation ($150)
    2nd Place will receive a $50 in-name donation ($75)
    3rd Place will receive a $25 in-name donation (37.50)

3. Donation Promo Event

  • During this time users can use the promotion code “ANWBXRMJ” on check out to receive 50% off on any purchase of credits (Please note the donation store in game may be different on relaunch). Donations are voluntary to help Aurora, but are by no means necessary but if you do choose to support us leading up to launch this is an excellent way to increase your rewards at a reduced price.

Media of recent updates

Recent Bugs Fixes
– Dragon chainbody is now tradeable
– Should now be able to attack Tekton while he is walking to the anvil
– General graardor/kree’arra/both their minions respawn timer is now 30 seconds
– Kalphite queens protection prayers now correctly block the corresponding attack
– Fixed the ores that permenantly show as “depleted ores” in the varrock west mine/al-kharid mine
– Ultracompost can now be used
– You can now use any type of compost AFTER you have planted a seed (it was only BEFORE planting prior to this)
– Hobgoblins in GWD now have the correct HP amount
–¬†Fixed the random portal/wizard npcs at the north ardougne farm (they are now the correct farmer/master farmer)
– Fixed black unicorns dropping an ensouled head 100% of the time
– Fixed (all that I could find) bankers that were spawned as the incorrect npcs (seers, catherby, falador banks etc)
– The wildy expansion bank barriers should now teleport you in/out 1 extra tile so that you don’t have to click twice
– Items left on the ground after death should now despawn after 15 mintues (was set to 180 minutes, no idea why)
– The pirates at Dark Warriors fortress in 13 wild should no longer count towards dark warrior slayer tasks
– Hovering over the blood money shop icon should no longer show “Jewellery Shop”, but instead shows “Blood Money Shop”
– Ring of recoil, ring of dueling, amulet of strength, amulet of glory(6), games necklace(8), and skills necklace(6) have been added to the melee shop
– Fixed the missing description under the Mourner Tunnels teleport option
– Removed more of the random Phoenix npcs flying around the map
– Fixed not being able to attack some of the dwarves at the dwarf camp on ice mountain
– Using the previous teleport for Brimhaven Dungeon and Varrock now takes you to the correct coords
– Mining rune ore with an infernal pickaxe now correctly gives rune bars, not adamant bars
– Ava’s assembler now has the correct 80% chance of saving ammo, instead of 72% like normal avas devices
– Abyssal dagger (e) should now properly display a special attack bar
– Boss timers have been added/fixed for Zulrah, Vorkath, Corporeal Beast, Nightmare, and Alchemical Hydra
– Fixed the Skotos pet being bugged while following you
– Jad Combat: Got his projectile delays to be as close to the hit-splat as I possibly can (it’s going to be impossible to make it tick-perfect, as our sources tick-system needs a complete overhaul)
– Trivia rewards should now only go to your bank if your inventory is full
– Added deep wilderness lever back to our home outside of the shops building.