Posted On: December 17, 2023
Category: Announcements
Author: chewy

Hi everyone, welcome to Aurora’s first official news letter! First and foremost we hope everyone is having a blessed start to their holiday season, and to remember we as a community are still here for those looking for friends this time of year!

We know a big question everyone will have is when will Aurora relaunch? Well the best answer we can give is when the game is at a point we believe it will provide the experience we intended to give you all the first go around. We are eager to get back online as well but there are still quite a few things left on our road map we want to get to before that happens.

We will be releasing official news letters every two weeks from now until we launch, these letters are intended to keep you guys as up to date with what we have going on as much as possible. These letters will include anything from latest fixes, content updates, discussions, staff changes, and any changes to our plans we feel are best shared publicly.

As we continue to progress with our development phase we will begin marketing our test server more frequently in order to get users old and new testing out not only new content but old content as well to ensure our relaunch goes with as little hiccups as possible. This time when Aurora’s official testing period goes live users will NOT be permitted any special permissions in order to test our game as it is intended to be played. This is to gauge playstyles, the economy and so forth.

Another priority of ours is the staff team, there are a few roles I am looking to fill, specifically Wiki Editors and Discord Moderators. These roles are pivotal for the experience of new players for Aurora and I hope to expand our team going forward in these areas with motivated individuals with a passion for our game. These applications will be opening in the coming weeks following the revamp of our Discord.

1. Latest Changes to Aurora

Game Mode Revamp

  • Game Mode interface updated with the new changes
  • PvP Mode removed; Normal Mode is the new standard Game Mode on Aurora
    • New Easy xp mode rate is 500x
    • Changed up the skilling xp rates to better match the combat rates
    • Made it so that only Normal Mode players on the Easy XP mode (500x) can set their combat levels post 99
  • All Ironman Modes now start with significantly less items
  • Added a Guide Book to every players starting inventory items
    • Updated the Guide Book to have more accurate information on being successful on Aurora
  • Spawnable items are now free in shops for Normal Mode players
    • Items removed from spawning: fighter torso, fire cape, rune defender, rune boots, bastion potion, battlemage potion, diamond bolts (e), ring of dueling (8), blue mystic top and bottom, rune knives, adamant arrows
    • Items added to spawning: ghostly robes (to the 126 loadouts), unholy book (replaced rune defender)
    • Made sure every single spawned items noted version was also worth 0 GP (for no gp dupes)

New Consumable Items

  • We are introducing 7 new 30-60 minute scroll boosts in the Blood Money & Donator Shops! (We do have plans to introduce more but this is where we started)
    • The immunity scroll shown in the image was removed.
  • More info on each scroll below (Prices shown for each scroll in the photo are just for testing, NOT actual prices. These will change)
    • Blood Money Boost: Blood money drops & blood money for slayer task completions are doubled for 60 minutes
    • Revenant Boost: Players has x2 chance of receiving Rev Weapons and PvP gear (vesta, statius, etc) from Revenants for 30 minutes
    • Great Vault Boost: Player will receive 2 loot rolls per key rather than 1 per key, for their next 5 keys total
    • Clue Key Boost: Players have a x2 chance at receiving Wilderness Clue Key drops for the next 30 minutes
    • Chambers of Xeric Boost: Players have a x2 chance at a rare from their next CoX chest
    • Theatre of Blood Boost: Players have a x2 chance at a rare from their next ToB chest
    • Nightmare Boost: Players have a x2 chance at a rare for the next 30 minutes from Nightmare

PvP Update

  • The player vs player community will be receiving a large scale update when it comes to content as well as competitions and rewards in the form of Arenas, Battlegrounds and a brand new Elo system. Arenas and Battlegrounds are quite an expansive system and will be released gradually as we go upon relaunch.
    • Players can earn PvP rating by killing other players in their tier either in the wilderness or in Arenas.
      • For example, if you are level 126 and kill a level 50 player, you will not receive an increase in rating.
    • PvP Rating rewards will be distributed to the top 3 players in each rating tier at the end of each Season
      • Rewards for each season are TBD
      • Seasons will run for 4 weeks at the time
    • 1v1 Arenas will be available on launch for players to queue into and earn rating
      • 3v3 Arenas will follow soon after in a future patch

Donator Dungeon

  • The donator dungeon has been revamped with some rewarding private areas for our loyal supporters including revs, barrows and some slayer monsters!

Q.O.L Updates

  • Quest Tab changes
    • The main changes are getting rid of the unnecessary borders on each tab, and also “modernizing” the tabs to be more aesthetically pleasing. Find attached photos for reference, the left photo is before and the right photo is revamped version

Content coming to Aurora

1. Rotating Skill / Event Bonuses (Completed)

  • This system will give x time of bonus experience or rewards for 1 skill and 1 Event or Minigame.
    • For example Woodcutting experience bonus and Barrows Minigame bonus (Barrows would provide a increased rate for example). Imo this is a good way to make certain activities more worth while throughout the day

2. World Boss Events

  • This concept would introduce a new community based event system for us to use going forward. This is also a fine way to get youtubers nice clips of the community.
    • Players will be able to obtain a world boss ticket as a ultra rare loot drop from difficult bosses or events that can be used to summon the world boss at a custom location (Maybe a new addition to the home.)
    • While a lot of these events will be more PvM focused some will incorporate PvP aspects (See Cursed Mimic)
    • World Bosses TBA

3. Mimic (Solo Event Boss)

  • The Mimic can be spawned via the mimic casket, obtained through High level boss tasks or for a high amount of points from slayer.
    • Mimic: This boss will function similarly to a Fortnite loot piñata, as the boss is slain random loot from a custom table will drop on the floor throughout the fight.
    • Following the fight a butler will appear to auto loot and bank your items.
      • After Killing the mimic you may unlock the Cursed Mimic Global Event.

3B. Cursed Mimic: (World Boss)

  • If a player has triggered the Cursed Mimic event, the boss will appear for the server following a 5 minute timer.
    • Players will be able to enter via command or a portal that opens at home.
  • This event is semi-safe PVP/E based.
    • The first portion acts as the regular mimic event does on a Global scale (Enhanced Loot Table).
    • All items picked up will go to a risk coffer unlike the solo event where they would go to your inventory.
  • Once the boss spawns no one may leave or enter the area.
    • Once the mimic dies the event becomes wilderness, but only the items that are in the coffer are at risk upon death (Nothing you entered the area with is at RISK).
      • Upon death your coffer will transfer to the player who killed you.
    • Following the death of the boss players must hope to find a single use portal that will spawn around the area or hope to survive the minute until the main door opens once again.

4. New Custom Items (Please note that the Effects and Abilities of these items are purely conceptual and are subject to change upon relaunch, they were used when designing these models though the lore will be introduced into Aurora’s story)

Zamorakian Chaos Bow (Ranged): Description: A dark, twisted bow infused with the chaotic energy of Zamorak. It fires corrupted arrows that leave a burning effect on enemies. Special Ability: “Chaotic Barrage” – Unleashes a rapid barrage of corrupted arrows that deal increased damage and reduce enemy accuracy temporarily. Passive Effect: “Chaos Incarnate” – Randomly fires an additional arrow without using extra ammunition (Outside the Wilderness).

Guthixian Earthshaker (Melee): Description: A colossal warhammer embedded with ancient runic symbols of balance. When swung, it sends shockwaves through the ground. Special Ability: “Nature’s Resonance” – Slam the Earthshaker into the ground, creating a shockwave that stuns nearby enemies and restores your health and prayer points. Passive Effect: “Guthixian Harmony” – Grants a chance to reduce incoming damage and increases accuracy (Outside the Wilderness).

Saradomin’s Aegis (Magic): Description: A shimmering magical shield adorned with Saradomin’s emblem. It can absorb and redirect incoming spells. Special Ability: “Divine Ward” – Creates a protective barrier that absorbs incoming damage spells and reflects a portion back to the attacker. Passive Effect: “Saradomin’s Blessing” – Restores a small amount of health and prayer points with each successful magic attack (Outside the Wilderness).

5. Intricate Daily Rewards System

  • The Daily rewards system will be designed to give our returning players frequent access to small rewards for their constant appreciation shown by playing Aurora!
    • Hourly Check in
    • Daily Check in
    • Daily Roll
    • Daily Vote

6. Player Bounty System

  • We will be implementing a player bounty system where players can place bounties on specific targets in the wild, encouraging PvP encounters and providing rewards for successful eliminations!! Happy Hunting!!

 List of Miscellaneous Fixes and Changes

  • Autocasting should now save correctly when swapping weapons and then back to your staff
  • Players no longer get nulled teleporting in the wilderness while frozen
  • All world event timers should now display accurately on the server events tab
  • The AFK zone now has a barrier that requires the player to have voted that day in order to enter the zone. Once you have entered, you will be granted 12 hours of AFK Zone time and will automatically be kicked out of the area once your time has expired.
  • Player titles should now work correctly (they will only appear while using ::yell)
  • Anti-venom and anti-venom+ should now work correctly
  • The dungeon at ::dz (for ruby+ donators) has been completely reworked (just the map, for now). NPC’s and content coming next update for this dungeon
  • All achievement rewards have been completely reworked to fit into our revamped economy scheme
  • Fixed an issue with the easy slayer achievement counting twice towards your easy achievement total
  • Can no longer attack Kraken tentacles if not on a Kraken slayer task
  • Unidentified minerals are more likely to drop from mining
  • Youtuber rank has been added in-game with correct icon and yell color
  • Players with no donator ranks can now yell once every 60 seconds
  • Defender drop rates at the Warriors Guild have been lowered, now easier to obtain
  • Barrows drop rates are now correct at 1/29 for a piece (this is increased with donator ranks)
  • Barrows overlay no longer shows ‘Potential’ (we don’t use the Potential system to determine loot), it now just shows 1/29 drop rate
  • Fixed an overlay issue at ToB, that now correctly shows ‘Welcome to the Theatre’
  • Wintertodt HP has been cut in half, now is 1750
  • Wintertodt snow damage is now less likely to occur as often
  • Pyromancer gear is now correctly considered “warm gear” at Wintertodt
  • Bruma Torch now counts as a tinderbox at Wintertodt
  • Wintertodt supply crates rare loot is now a 1/28 chance (was 1/64 previously)
  • Pest control points no longer appear as ‘pvm points’
  • Fixed an issue causing the minimap to appear all black while at Puro Puro
  • Spawned NPCs at Pest Control should now attack players when spawned, rather than just stand there
  • The rocks at Motherlode Mine should now deplete correctly every 45 seconds, rather than at random
  • The wheel at MLM should now repair quicker
  • Players will no longer receive tokkul from Fight Caves/Inferno simply for entering/immediately leaving
  • Abyssal Sire no longer respawns super fast, 30 seconds now
  • The abyssal sire scion no longer ignores the players protect prayer
  • Cerberus should now do his melee attack more frequently
  • Should no longer be able to damage Dagannoth Supreme with ranged
  • Lizardman shaman spawns should no longer follow you around briefly
  • Vorkath magic attack no longer hits you twice
  • Zulrah melee snakelings should no longer range you
  • Nightmare should now have the proper death animation
  • Nightmare totem HP has been cut in half, and now has the correct combat stats
  • Nightmares attacks should no longer have a drastic delay between the damage/animations
  • Alchemical Hydras fire attack should no longer bug out sometime
  • Added a ‘Coffer’ button to the Trading Post interface
  • Fixed the hard achievement ‘Enhanced Rewards’ not completing properly
  • Added the correct magic damage bonuses to Zuriels items
  • Can no longer use Presets outside of Edgeville
  • HCIM deaths are now broadcasted across the server
  • Removed tome of fire and tome of water from magic shop. Added ghostly armor. Re-aligned the magic shop items
  • Added item examine messages back to all items that have an examine (still also shows item HA value as well)
  • Fixed not being able to pick up Enhanced Larran’s Keys
  • Abyssal Tentacle will no longer be able to set a bank placeholder (for the time being)
  • Avernic defender no longer lost on death
  • Harmonised nightmare staff now has the correct protect item value
  • Enchanted crystal armor set bonus now works properly
  • Nieve tasks fixed: brutal red dragons, abyssal sire, demonic gorillas, skotizo, brutal black dragons, elves (added teleport to the spawns under
  • Duradel tasks fixed: brutal black dragons, brutal blue dragons, skotizo, demonic gorillas, brutal red dragons, abyssal sire, elves
  • Turael tasks fixed: brine rats, vet’ion (for skeleton tasks), sulphur lizards, mounted terrorbird gnome (chickens), terrorbird (chickens), vultures (chickens), black bears (more spawns added near mind altar), desert wolf (spawns added in the desert), twisted banshees (for banshee task), albino bats (for bat tasks)
  • Blocked slayer tasks now saves upon relogging
  • Fixed not being able to attack Cave Kraken/Kraken boss while on task
  • Fixed not being able to use bag of salt to kill rockslugs/giant rockslug (the Slug Salter unlock also works properly)
  • Added an ‘Elven Camp’ teleport to the Monsters telelport options; Removed ‘Yaks’ teleport option (no one used it, not needed for slayer)
  • Added black bear spawns near the mind altar
  • Grizzly bear spawns added in wilderness south-east of dark warriors fortress & north-west of ferox enclave
  • Desert wolf spawns added thru-out the desert area
  • Blocked slayer tasks now saves upon relogging
  • Replaced the ‘Slayer’s Enchantment’ random slayer drop with Skip Task Scrolls
  • Demonic Gorillas now count towards Black Demon slayer tasks
  • Gold caskets no longer drop in multi-combat areas
  • Gold casket gold amounts have been lowered
  • Gold caskets drop less often
  • Chest of the gods loot has been adjusted
  • Slayer casket loot has slightly been adjusted
  • Wilderness world event loot has been changed completely; All wilderness events now share the same drop table
  • Non wilderness world event loot has also been changed; All non-wilderness world events now share the same drop table
  • All world events/chests now drop a lot less pots/supplies/etc to better help the economy (it was overkill before tbh)