Posted On: January 14, 2024
Category: Announcements
Author: chewy

General News.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Aurora’s third official news letter! We on the staff hope you are having an excellent start to your 2024, this letter will focus on the release of the test server and a new and exciting boss coming to our game!

As we mentioned two weeks ago, one of the first steps we will be taking in 2024 for Aurora is live testing. The test server will go live sometime after 12pm eastern on Friday January 19th, remember this time around the test server will function as the live server will meaning their will be no spawning or level setting commands unless the chosen mode permits them. All accounts will be reset upon the official launch, this is because throughout the beta lots of balancing will take place and we want everyone on a even playing field on opening day.

There will be a reward given out to players who manage to record 5 valid bug reports throughout this testing period, a valid bug report is one not yet reported by another player. This reward will include a flat 1% experience boost applied to one account, a custom title, as well as a unique cosmetic item that will be revealed on launch that will be exclusively given throughout Aurora’s lifetime for participating in any testing competition ;). As we progress through the testing phase new competitions and rewards can and will be introduced so keep an eye out!

Over the next month or so TommoLadd and I will be revamping many aspect of our website, we apologize for any downtime the site may experience going forward during these changes. We will post more about this as we map out our changes, but you can expect a massive revamp to the homepage, and wiki to be coming shortly.

Development Notes.

As you guys know we have been working on a way to introduce the crystal rewards into Aurora via the Crystalline Hunllef boss encounter. The Gauntlet will not function exactly like OSRS in the sense that you will not have to go through the entire minigame, instead just the boss fight. Certain aspects of how Hunllef will work on Aurora are still being worked out before it will go live on the beta. Players will have the option to fight the Corrupted version of Hunllef following their first victory against the normal version of the boss. The encounter can be started in Prifddinas in the same location you would start the Gauntlet normally.

When first starting the encounter players will have the choice to to select from their preference of base melee, range or mage set that will include useful supplies to use during your fight. We have based the supplies players will receive off of information provided from the official Wiki to offer players the most help.

  • Jaxx has been hard at work replicating the boss fight as close to 1:1 to one as possible with the references and resources we have available, though with the testing server going live this will be one of the main areas players will be asked to test when they can. We want the combat of this boss fight to give the best replication it can. Below you can see some WIP media, meaning anything you see can be changed before its release.
  • Ynneh is still working hard on converting our client in preparation of moving from revision #204 to #216 as we discussed two weeks ago. There is not much to show visually here just yet but we promise to continue to work hard to get that to you soon.

Kind regards,

The Aurora Team