Posted On: May 9, 2024
Category: Announcements
Author: chewy

Hello everyone, we hope you are having an excellent start to your spring!! Today we have some really awesome things to showcase as well as go over leading up to the big day. First things first, we have made a small change to the launch date, rather than the 17th we will launch between the hours of Noon and 2pm Eastern time on Saturday the 18th to better fit our schedules with work. Over the last few weeks Jaxx & Ynneh have been putting in tons of work to get as many things fixed, as well as pushing out new content in preparation for our release. Below I will go over as much as I can in terms of rehashing current events, covering recent updates to the Staff and Game on Aurora, you can also always check the Git Logs channel on discord to follow along as well with our progress. We will also provide a roadmap of sorts of what you can expect to come throughout the opening few weeks on launch day.

Staff Changes (We are taking SS applications)

Burgz has been promoted to Moderator

Shizzle has been demoted due to lack of activity

Current Events

1.  OSRS GP Giveaways

  • Starting Friday, April 22nd we will begin doing weekly 100m OSRS giveaways, these can be redeemed for OSRS or in-game donations.

2. Burgz’s Bug Extermination Event

With the new bug fixes / updates coming out I’ve thought about a BUG event brought to you by all the Staff Team that should please all parties in the end. It will give a lot of new community members insight on what Aurora has to offer in game AND what’s to come in the future. Also the amount of work that is being done to make this game 100%. This event would let members gain tons of knowledge about the server, it will also give you a slight edge on players once the server releases, especially knowing where everything is and how it works. It will also give the staff team more bugs to fix so we can have a smoother server release.

How does it work?

  • Players will be rewarded a financial amount ($0.01-$5.00) for reporting any bug they find currently on the beta for the remaining time it is online.
    • All bugs must be reported in the #Report-Bugs channel on discord
  • Burgz is doing this out of the kindness of his heart, and will donate to Aurora in your name so that you may claim the benefits to enjoy!
  • Aurora will also add a 50% bonus to each donation reward as a token of our appreciation.


  • Players must reach at least $25 in bug reports to collect one of the prizes in this event
  • Staff may not use unreleased content towards their report list
  • Any dupes found will be rewarded with a bonus in-name donation
  • Any game breaking bugs will be rewarded with a bonus in-name donation
  • Any player who participates and reaches the $20 mark will earn the loyalist rank coming with the relaunch


    1st Place will receive a $100 in-name donation ($150)
    2nd Place will receive a $50 in-name donation ($75)
    3rd Place will receive a $25 in-name donation (37.50)

3. Donation Promo Event

  • During this time users can use the promotion code “ANWBXRMJ” on check out to receive 50% off on any purchase of credits (Please note the donation store in game may be different on relaunch). Donations are voluntary to help Aurora, but are by no means necessary but if you do choose to support us leading up to launch this is an excellent way to increase your rewards at a reduced price. You can read about our donation information here.

Recent Updates


  • One of our latest content updates to the game is our Aura system or more traditionally known as perks. Auras will provide players with various bonuses and shortcuts to enhance their play through on the game that can range from combat boosts, skilling boosts, shortened boss fights and more. Auras can be purchased with Sacrifice Points that can be obtained by exchanging various items that you will acquire through your adventures. Aura’s are currently available for testing buy using the ::aura command, all you need is a small stack of coins, no points during beta.

The Mimic (Testing Phase)

  • Another of our latest content updates to the game is the Treasure Trail boss which will work a bit differently than OSRS but still features a similar fight, but with some fun additions that allow you to potentially find your self with a surplus of awesome Treasure Trail related rewards including a shot at the Mimic Jr pet which will over an awesome PvM related perk.
    • You will able to acquire Mimic Caskets through killing various monsters around

Variants (In Development)

  • Variants will be a ever growing part of Aurora, these monsters will be released gradually with various new items, resources and lore for you to tackle with the community.
    • Said to be created by a Necromancer long ago, various powerful monsters were slain and reanimated with powerful and dark magic, but rumors are swirling around the capital city of Aurora, that someone much more sinister has been behind this sick and twisted plot. Treasure Hunters hired by the capital recently came back from the Cursed Arena with various spoils including a bag of rare Black Dragon Scales and pieces of a broken unusual Mimic Casket. Based on their findings they believe gaining access to, and slaying these monsters will provide more fruitful than anything they could have imagined. Will slaying these beasts provide fruitful or lead to something much more terrifying being unleashed onto the world. 

The Cursed Mimic (Testing Phase)

  • The Cursed Mimic is the first of many variants that will be unleashed upon Aurora’s world by the unknown figure pulling the strings. This event is a Global two phase event that mixes in both PvM and Semi-Safe PvP for the entire community to take part in.
      • Phase 1
        • Players will take on the Cursed Mimic in our temporary arena as a team battling through his various mechanics (Please note upon entering you will not be permitted to leave until death or exit via the events portals).
        • Like The base Mimic, the cursed version’s candy attack will drop items on explosion from the Treasure Trail rewards all the way up to master for you to attempt to collect during the fight.
      • Phase 2
        • Upon the Cursed Mimic dying it’s final spell will cause the room to turn into a unique semi-safe PvP area where players will fight to survive with their spoils while hoping to land one of the escape portals or survive the one minute timer period.
        • Every 10 seconds after the Mimic’s death 1 portal will spawn per 5 players (these Portals are ONE time use).
          • After one minute Exit Portals will spawn that are permanent.
          • Every player who survived the event will receive an Variant Chest (Chance at Consumables, Boosts, $5-15 Bonds, Chance at either Mimic Pet, and various other items)

Server & Client Improvements & Discord Presence

  • New logging system that will alert us of anything suspicious that could potentially impact the server including to but not limited to chatting, trading, shopping, pvp, logins, and much more through mobile and pc access allowing us to keep eyes on everything even away from our keyboards.
  • New extensive punishment system implemented to allow the staff to act swiftly incase any rule breaks are running amuck. This system will also allow us upper management to track the staff to make sure no one is abusing their status.
  • New Discord bot which will offer a lot of new features to integrate with the game including giveaways, starting events and more.
  • CC/FL/IL have totally been rewritten to move away from using the original bases central server features.
  • Loads of internal server cleanup
  • Begun our ironman revamp, more details will follow once completed
  • New item tracking system for moderation purposes
  • Slight changes to the home area, you’ll find enchanting now in the Great Vault building.
  • Begun preparing our client for a revision upgrade (This will allow for more updated OSRS content)
  • The Cursed Mimic model has been completed and will be implemented into the event.

Bug Fixes

  • Can no longer use ::b inside of Arenas – Can no longer change your combat stats inside of an Arena
  • Fixed all of the Farmer spawns that were appearing as Portals
  • Message added to ancestral (e) set when it procs the special effect
  • Fixed weapons on enchanting interface sending the item name to the wrong item slot when clicked
  • Fixed not being able to open the Crystal chest at home
  • Fixed not being able to use a crystal key/enhanced key on the chests to open them (Could only click the chest to open before) – Fixed dagon’hai hat making the players face invisible
  • Dagon’hai robes now have the correct stat requirements: 70 magic 40 defence to equip
  • Fixed not being able to open the Enhanced Larran’s Chest in the wilderness expansion
  • Removed the 100% chance of receiving coins from demonic gorillas – Changed the duplicate chaos rune slot in the Magic Shop to cosmic runes
  • Making teleport tablets in your POH now creates the correct tablets (was mixing them up/not making them before)
  • Players can now make Marble Lecterns in their POH Study room – You can now make Clockworks at your POH clockwork bench
  • Making clockwork benches 2-4 in your POH now gives correct amount of xp
  • Myths guild stairs now function properly
  • Fixed buttons on the preset interface all showing “load preset”, they now all show the correct description
  • Catherby teleport tab now works correctly – Tool leprechaun added at falador tree patch
  • Godwars doors now have the correct KC requirement for donator ranks
  • Fixed not being able to use Donator Dungeon teleport if you are ruby donator rank
  • Added clarifying “Ruby rank” text to the denial message when trying to teleport to donor dungeon without ruby rank
  • Donator perks for 25/50% gold reduction for imbuing items now works properly
  • Rejuvenation pools now have the correct timers based on donator ranks
  • Hunllef combat script is fixed and is now working as intended
  • Removed random objects floating around the Donator Dungeon map

Kind regards,

The Aurora Team