Posted On: May 19, 2024
Category: Announcements
Author: chewy

Hello everyone, first off we want to give a big thank you to everyone who participated in the launch yesterday as well as anyone who has supported us along the way. Once again please be sure to give love to Jaxx & Ynneh for working tirelessly this week to get things as smooth as possible for yesterday. This letter will talk about some of things you can expect to see coming to Aurora in the not so distant future. In the “roadmap” section things are not quite set and stone but we wanted to give you a general idea of what you can expect to come in terms of planned larger updates so far. This does not include minor QoL suggestions or bug fixes that you will see along side the more large updates.

As for the recent disconnections they have been identified as DDOS attacks and are working with the host provider to continue migrating the attacks as well as increase our protection on various levels. We do apologize for the disconnections, and will work to better our protection measures daily.


With the server out we are still looking for a few individuals to join our team over the up coming weeks so feel free to apply in discord.


Current Events

1.  OSRS GP Giveaways

  • Starting Friday, April 22nd we will begin doing weekly 100m OSRS giveaways, these can be redeemed for OSRS or in-game donations.

2. Donation Promo Event

  • During this time users can use the promotion code “ANWBXRMJ” on check out to receive 50% 25% off on any purchase of credits (Please note the donation store in game may be different on relaunch). Donations are voluntary to help Aurora, but are by no means necessary but if you do choose to support us leading up to launch this is an excellent way to increase your rewards at a reduced price. You can read about our donation information here.


 RULES / INFORMATION  (I will have a sign up sheet for everyone to fill out if you’d like to participate in discord, SIGN UP’s will end on MAY 25 6PM MOUNTAIN TIME)

  • You will not have someone playing on your account for the event, I will have higher ups check IP’s. If you are caught doing so you are Eliminated from the event.
  • No names changes can occur other it will result in disqualification.
  • No other person(s) will be joining the event after the event has started.
  • The event will have a Start date / Stop date.
  • Players who died during the event are eliminated upon death, even if you die to a DC, bug, anything there is nothing we will be able to do about it. Once you have died I will calculate your points, they will be revealed at the end.
  • Only new HCIM account are able to join.
  • Donations are allowed on the HCIM accounts. (NOT P2W)

Ways to receive points

  • Total level
  • Killing all bosses in the boss teleport tab an X amount of times.
  • Having certain items in bank. EXAMPLE: Full bandos, full guilded & or guilded items, any 3rd age, zenyte, shields, collection logs ETC.
  • Holding world event keys until the end of the event, if keys are used, points are gone.
  • Reaching Base 50’s 70s 90s
  • Best loot tab
  • Most complete sets of most armors, cosmetics, trimmed armor.
  • Total EXP


EVENT END DATE ( Undecided )

Rewards ?

1st Place will receive a 50$ in-name donation

  • Will be revealed soon
  • Will be revealed soon
  • Will be revealed soon

2nd Place will receive a 35$ in name donation

  • Will be revealed soon
  • Will be revealed soon
  • Will be revealed soon

3rd Place will receive a 15$ in name donation

  • Will be revealed soon
  • Will be revealed soon
  • Will be revealed soon

Road Map

PvM & Skilling Content

  • Mimic Release
    • This will include the Cursed Mimic (Two events, Two new pets, and more)
  • Release of  the Guthixian Earthshaker, Saradomin’s Aegis, and the Zamorakian Chaos Bow
    • These are three new unique items to Aurora that can be obtained from the MA2 bosses in the wilderness expansion to enhance their loot table and making them more desirable foes
  • Nex, and ToB release
  • Bingo system
    • This will be a automated system for players to fill bingo cards via drops to earn various rewards
  • PvM Leagues
    • This system will be a counterpart to the PvP seasons you’ll see released in one of our first updates
  • Tempoross, Shooting Stars, new skilling resources released in later revisions, and more.

Wilderness/ PvP Content

  • ELO System Release
    • PvP seasons with rewards – this will work like most ELO systems
  • #221 Data Upgrade which will allow us to do the OSRS wilderness overhaul that took place a bit ago to introduce things like VW, as well as prepare for the latest content such as TOA, DT2 and so forth as we progress in our life cycle
  • New automated PvP event with rewards which you will get detailed information on when we narrow down the options a bit more


  • Introduction of the gambling zone
    • This will be a unique map accessible from the home where players can partake in various automated gambling activities (Some potential ideas are included below you may see some left out or more added but we wanted to give a general idea)
      • Flower Poker
      • Chicken Fights
      • Scratch Offs
      • 1v1 stakes
      • Black Jack

Recent Updates

  • Fixed easy achievement bar showing all green when at 8/9 achievements completed
  • Fixed realism mode thieving stall xp rate. Standard xp rates for all modes at this stall increased
  • Removed pet mystery box broadcast message
  • Trivia correct answers GP lowered drastically
  • Fixed lever outside of mage bank
  • Fixed fleshcrawler slayer tasks
  • Rejuve pool added right outside of bank
  • Pet beaver pet perk now works correctly
  • Fixed CC showing welcome message twice
  • Added a slight delay to switching between game modes on the mode selection screen, which will prevent players from being given the wrong mode/xp rates
  • Fixed the following NPC drop tables: corrupted revs, judge of yama, some normal revs
  • Turael now gives a base of 3 points per task completed
  • Fixed the easy achievement ‘Slayer Beginner
  • Removed Ironman access to priff shop
  • Enhanced larrens key fix
  • pkp message fixed

Kind regards,

The Aurora Team