Posted On: October 23, 2023
Category: Announcements
Author: chewy

Aurora, as we all know, has unfortunately suffered a fair amount of issues during the first month after its launch. An unfortunate amount of bugs and issues which were not discovered during our open beta have hindered the launch and prosperity of the server.


As such, we have taken a lot of time to consider the tough decision to bring the server down, to enable us to work on fixing bugs, to enable us to be more stable and crash-free for everyone. This month will also give us the time to stockpile some funds for marketing.


While this is not where we wanted to be a month after launch, it is the unfortunate reality we are in and is unavoidable at this time. What we can promise is a much more clean experience for everyone as well as some significant changes to how we operate as a game overall. 


We envisage this downtime to last around a month, during which time we will close the current version of Aurora. This decision was made with your best interest at heart, and we can promise you that it was not made lightly. During this month the game servers will remain live so players, if they want, can continue playing in order to help find any bugs we may not have yet. 


With this decision we will be choosing to start fresh in terms of player accounts, this is for numerous reasons, but primarily we want to readdress the economy and how fast coins are flowing through events and activities. We know this hurts, which is why any player who reacts to this message will get a compensation package on the release to make their start a bit easier. 


To the users who financially supported Aurora during our first month, your donations will of course be refunded come relaunch with your amount being doubled to reimburse you for your time and support. We will also be offering up until launch players the opportunity to receive 50% of their order in additional credits on any purchase. 


Changes to the game you can expect to see come relaunch.


System updates

  • Friends, Ignore and Clan chats functioning as intended
  • Event Timers fixed and accurate
  • Making sure achievements are rewarding players as intended
  • Adding examining to most items and object
  • New custom items to the game
  • A new and expanded tutorial for new players
  • The time rift system will be finished rather than a incomplete world event
  • The AFKzone will now be timed and can only be entered if players vote


  • Fixing any tasks that are not working still
  • Ensuring boss tasks work properly
  • Expanding the loot table of slayer caskets
  • Slightly adjusting the blood money gained 


  • Fixing most, if not all, reported CoX bugs, especially Olm issues
  • Implementing TOB for release on week 2 in order to give time for players to re-level.


  • PvP mode accounts will now be a mode separate from the rest of the game, meaning no more trading non pvp mode accounts (including dropping)
  • Additionally, pvp mode accounts will no longer be able to pvm. They will only be meant to be able to pvp, they can still participate in world events though.
  • Slightly adjusting mage, range and melee defence bonuses again where needed 
  • Fixing certain items not dropping on death in pvp
  • Fixing emblem and pkp farming


  • Adjusting the amount of gold flowing in through various aspect of the game
  • Adjusting achievement rewards
  • Continuing to adjust rewards from various events and shops

Warm regards,

The Aurora Team.