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Staff Roles & Roster

Current Staff Roster

• Aurora
• Jaxx
• TommoLadd
• Ynneh
• Drip Red
• Cloudy
• Ralts
• Burgz
Server Supports
• Arcane N8

Role Descriptions.

• The Developer rank can not be obtained (exceptions are made if upper management decides we need to bring in an extra hand). The developers primary job is to focus on the development of our game and or website. Their priority is not handling support issues, those are meant for the actual in game staff. They are in charge of pushing out updates for the server and ensuring that all bugs are fixed as soon as possible after being reported.

Job Description: Will be to deal keeping the quality in-game and discord up to the standards of our players.

• The Administrator rank is the highest rank a player on Aurora can receive. These individuals are held in high regard amongst the staff and community and can be trusted with a lot of information. Their main job is to monitor and guide the Moderators and Server Supports. As an Aurora staff member, you can go to these individuals for any advice or help.

Job Description: Will be to handle account hacks, item refunds, bug abusers and large scale punishments, along with directing the ranks below them mentioned above..

Global Moderators
• The Global Moderator rank is the second highest rank a player can receive on Aurora. These individuals are a combination of Server and Discord Moderators. Global Moderators are chosen after they have proven that they can handle a more serious role on the staff team, as Server moderators. They have the responsibilities of both a Server Moderator and a discord Moderator.

Job Description: Moderates and enforces the Rules in the game and on the discord

• The Server Moderator rank is the second-lowest rank a player can receive in the game. These individuals have finished their Server Support trial, and are responsible for moderating the game and enforcing the Rules. They make sure the rules are being followed at all times and should someone break the rules, hand out warnings/punishments.

Job Description: Moderates the game and enforces the rules in-game. Hands out warnings/punishments to those who break the rules. Deals with reports and appeals.

Server Supports
• The Server Support rank is the lowest rank a player can receive in the game. They are members selected by the staff team who have extensive knowledge of the game. These individuals are there to assist you by answering any and all questions you might have pertaining to Aurora. They will help you to the best of their abilities, and if they can’t then they point you to someone who can.

Job Description: Helps new players in-game and on discord by answering all kinds of questions they might have for them.

Discord Moderators
• These individuals are strictly here for discord coverage and do not have a rank in-game. They can lock, move, edit and delete posts, forum threads ect… They are here to keep the discord clean and tidy. If you need topics to be locked or moved you should contact a discord mod by sending him/her a message through the app.

Job Description: Discord monitoring, cleanup and reports.

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