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Automated Events


Automated events are various features on Aurora that allow players to gain extra experience, earn awesome items, and to participate in engaging community content that are hosted by the server throughout the day. This page is dedicated to going over some of the featured automated systems here on Aurora.

Bi-Hourly Skill & Event/Minigame Bonus.

Every two hours on Aurora there will be a rotating 25% Bonus Skill & Minigame that will have increased rewards (As you can in the media below Feltching & Wintertodt are receiving bonuses).

World Events.

Throughout the day various world events will be going off on Aurora, some of these will be safe and some will be dangerous. You can read more in-depth about our various World Events here.


Every 90 minutes on Aurora a random player vs player based tournament will be hosted out of the combat building located east of the bank at home.

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