Category - Bestiary

Here you can find detailed information on various monsters spread across Aurora’s world.

Fragment of Seren

The Fragment of Seren is the most difficult world boss currently onĀ Aurora to tackle. Seren fights with a standard range attack while also randomly unleashing three different special attacks at random. It is highly advised you tackle this boss with a group or at least a partner with medium to high gear.
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Crystalline Hunllef

The Crystalline Hunllef is one of the more fun and interesting bosses on Aurora to tackle. Hunllef fights with his standard OSRS mechanics, but players are not required to spend time acquiring gear and resources. Players will have the option to select tier-2 armor and weapons plus supplies through an interface before entering the boss area, Sapphire Donators and above can access tier-3 armor and weapons to take into the fight. Following the defeat of Hunllef players will be able to take on the Corrupted version for a increased difficulty and a increase in rewards.
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