Category - World Events

Here you can read in detail about the various World Events taking place on Aurora throughout the day.

Automated Events

Automated events are various features on Aurora that allow players to gain extra experience, earn awesome items, and to participate in engaging community content that are hosted by the server throughout the day. This page is dedicated to going over some of the featured automated systems here on Aurora.
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The Great Vault

The Great Vault provides players will medium to high tier rewards for unlocking it through various World Event keys. You can find The Vault in the building directly west of the bank at home and some other locations around Aurora’s world…
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Pirate’s Ship

The Pirate's Ship World Event is a Safe event located in Booty Bay. The Pirates of Booty Bay need your help to repair their ship and gather supplies, as they wont be able to depart with Depot any less than full. The depot accepts various supplies to contribute to the needed total, upon completion all participants will receive a Great Vault Key as well as gain access to the Knights Guild.
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Fragment of Seren

The Fragment of Seren is the most difficult world boss currently on Aurora to tackle. Seren fights with a standard range attack while also randomly unleashing three different special attacks at random. It is highly advised you tackle this boss with a group or at least a partner with medium to high gear.
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Hold the Fort

Hold the Fort is a unique World Event on Aurora that takes place in the deep wilderness located at Rouges Castle. Players will need to fend of other players to earn them selves a Great Vault Key.
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Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is another one Aurora's unique wilderness World Events to participate in. This event is just as the name sounds, defend the flag and earn your self a Great Vault Key.
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