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Crystalline Hunllef

General Information.

The Crystalline Hunllef is one of the more fun and interesting bosses on Aurora to tackle. Hunllef fights with his standard OSRS mechanics, but players are not required to spend time acquiring gear and resources. Players will have the option to select tier-2 armor and weapons plus supplies through an interface before entering the boss area, Sapphire Donators and above can access tier-3 armor and weapons to take into the fight. Following the defeat of Hunllef players will be able to take on the Corrupted version for a increased difficulty and a increase in rewards.

How do the mechanics work?

  • Standard attacks: Hunllef uses two main standard attacks, a range crystal-like attack and a magic based orb attack. Hunllef will alternate between the two attack styles every 4 attacks. Hunllef will use Ranged as its first attack style.
  • Stomp attack: If a player is underneath Hunllef when it tries to attack the player, Hunllef will perform a stomp attack which deals very high damage, similar to the stomp attack used by the Corporeal Beast. This attack does not count towards one of Hunllef’s four standard attacks it uses before switching.
  • Prayer Disabling Attack: When Hunllef is attacking using magic-based attacks, it has a chance to use an attack which turns off prayers. These attacks use a different game sound, hence it is recommended to use sounds during the fight.
  • Tornados: Hunllef summons multiple tornadoes that chase the player and deal high damage if they reach the players location, these tornadoes disappear after 20 ticks (12 seconds). The number of tornadoes summoned increases as Hunllef takes damage.

Damaging floor sequence

During the fight, the floor will light up in various places. Tiles are initially highlighted in blue and soon turn orange. If the player stands on an orange tile they will continue to take high damage until they step off the highlighted tiles.

As the fight progresses, the tile patterns become more challenging, and the tiles change from blue to orange more quickly.

Attack style cycle

Hunllef changes its prayer and attack styles in predictable cycles. Every fourth attack performed by Hunllef (excluding the stomp attack) will cause Hunllef to change its standard attack style.

Protection prayer cycle

Every sixth off-prayer attack that the player performs on Hunllef will trigger a protection prayer change. The Hunllef will use the protection prayer used on the sixth off-prayer hit. Players can use this cycle to ensure the Hunllef never prays against their strongest attack style.






Credits to OSRS Wiki for a lot of information pertaining to combat.

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