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Donating Information

Terms of Service.

First and foremost allow me to thank you in advance for considering the idea of contributing to Aurora. Aurora donations supply development, marketing and hosting costs, which can get costly overtime, so we apricate the help in continuing to bring you an awesome product. Below you can find our terms and conditions pertaining to donating specifically.

We do not offer refunds on Donations, once you accept the payment process the sale of goods is final. Attempts at a refund will result in a permeant ban from all Aurora Game’s servers and communities.

  • If a user has a technical issue claiming their goods, they should reach out to [email protected] or a in game.

“Accidental” Purchase of Credits or Goods through our store is not our responsibility, its up to you to dispute that with the payment processer you choose during checkout. Aurora Games reserves the right to permanently ban the individual from all Aurora Game’s servers and communities after filing a claim with the processor.

If a refund is issued in any circumstance we reserve the right to ban the individual from all Aurora Game’s servers and communities.

Donating to Aurora.

Donating on Aurora is simple, just make your way to the store page and fill your cart with the desired Bond amount and head on over to the checkout section (Be sure to make sure there are not any promo codes available to grab sweet deals!). We accept various forms of payment including crypto, stripe, paypal and OSRS gp as of right now.

Bonds represent a couple things, first the amount of donator tokens to spend as well as how much will get added to the users amount donated when redeemed. Donator tokens can be traded amongst players for whatever value they deem appropriate as well as spent on various items at the donator store. You can read about our ranks and their applied benefits here.

Custom donations available


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