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Fragment of Seren

General Information.

The Fragment of Seren is the most difficult World Event boss currently on Aurora to tackle. Seren fights with a standard range attack while also randomly unleashing three different special attacks at random. It is highly advised you tackle this boss with a group or at least a partner with medium to high gear. Completing this encounter will reward you with a Great vault Key.

How do the mechanics work?

Melee AOE: The first of her three potential abilities will teleport all players one tile away from her to unleash a powerful AOE melee attack to any player within one tile, 3 seconds after being teleported.

Mimic Clone: The second will spawn a clone of herself, which if not destroyed quickly will begin to mimic potential attacks of Seren.

Self Heal: Seren’s third potential ability will spawn four crystals in the area, which if not destroyed quickly will begin to rapidly tick heal her. Ignoring the healing crystals will be your demise! Defeating Seren will reward players with a great vault key as well as potential loot.

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