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Hold the Fort

General Information.

Hold the Fort is a unique World Event on Aurora that takes place in the deep wilderness located at Rouges Castle. Players will need to fend of other players to earn them selves a Great Vault Key.

How does the event work?

Players participating are tasked with defending the Orb that will spawn on the second floor of the castle for a period of time (This time depends on the total amount of players near the region to prevent abuse). The rules of the game are simple, Player A who clicks the Orb first is tasked with keeping other players from clicking the Orb. If Player B clicks the orb the server will announce a new Orb holder and reset the countdown. The player who successfully holds the Orb until the countdown expires will receive a Great Vault Key.

If no winner is declared after 15 minutes the event will end and start again when the timer resets.




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