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Pets & Their Perks


Obtainable skilling Pets on Aurora


Name Effect Method to Obtain
Baby Chinchompa +3 extra chins caught when hunting
Beaver Gives noted logs while woodcutting
Herbi Gives noted herbs while farming
Heron Gives noted fish while fishing
Rift Guardian Doubles rune crafted blood runes
Rock Golem Gives noted ore while mining
Rocky Gives x2 money while thieving
Tangleroot Farming produces x2 herbs

Obtainable combat Pets on Aurora


Name Effect Method to Obtain
Abyssal Orphan 20% chance to double Larrans Keys
Baby Lava Dragon Provides extra blood money on drops
Baby Mole 5% chance to double casket gp
Callisto Cub x2 chance for wildy clue keys
Corporeal Critter x2 points at castle wars
Hellpuppy Summon souls only drain 15 prayer
Ikkle Hydra x2 Points at castle wars
Jal-Nib-Rek Inferno starts on wave 30
Kalphite princess Provides immunity against poison
Lil’Zik x2 pk points and votes
Midnight x2 Rift Shards at the Time Rift event
Noon x2 Rift Shards at the Time Rift event
Olmlet x2 points in CoX
Pet Chaos Elemental Grants immunity to disarm spells
Pet Commander Zilyana +8 magic boost
Pet Dagannoth Prime +5 strength boost
Pet Dagannoth Rex +5 attack boost
Pet Dagannoth Supreme +5 defense boost
Pet Dark Core Dark core drains 50% less hp
Pet General Graador +8 strength boost
Pet Kraken 5% chance pet will heal you in combat
Pet Kree’Arra +8 ranged boost
Pet K’ril Tsutsaroth +8 magic boost
Pet Smoke Devil 10% chance at x2 gold casket
Pet Snakeling 10% chance to envenom pvm target
Prince Black Dragon Provides anti-fire immunity
Puppadile x2 CoX points
Scorpias Offspring Poison immunity
Skotos 25% increase to melee on demons
Tektiny x2 CoX points
Vasa Minirio x2 CoX points
Vespina x2 CoX points
Venenatis Spiderling Extra blood money on drops
Vet’ion Jr Extra blood money on drops
Vorki Zombie spawn does 50% less damage
Tzrek-Jad x2 Pk points
Tzrek-Zuk Emblem trade gives x2 coins


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