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Pirate’s Ship

General Information.

The Pirate’s Ship World Event is a Safe event located in Booty Bay. The Pirates of Booty Bay need your help to repair their ship and gather supplies, as they wont be able to depart with Depot any less than full. The depot accepts various supplies to contribute to the needed total, upon completion all participants will receive a Great Vault Key as well as gain access to the Knights Guild.

How does the event work?

Players participating simply bring any of the materials listed below to the Storage Box next to the Pirate’s ship in Booty Bay and deposit them by clicking the object (The box does not accept noted items). The event will end once the players successfully supply the pirates.

Materials Accepted.

  1. Steel and or Mithril Scimitars
  2. Lobsters (Cooked)
  3. Sharks (Cooked)
  4. Silk
  5. Steel nails
  6. Any plank type

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