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Beginner’s Guide


Aurora is a PvP centered eco server, made for all player types who enjoy oldschool based scape. Meaning, while the focus is aimed towards PvP, Skillers and PvM’ers alike still play a very crucial role in the success of the economy! PvP’ers will require the best of the best equipment to be on top of their game to survive the wild, and most best in slot PvP items will come from PvM’ing, World Events, and our other engaging content!

In turn, PvM’ers best in slot gear will come from the Enchanting system, requiring Enchanting Shards that mainly come from PvP World Events but there are safe events to participate in as well. Ultimately, the economy is lifted by all player types helping each other progress their gear! Aside from Enchanting, Aurora also offers some of the most unique and engaging World Events in RSPS, such as Hold the Fort, Capture The Flag, Fragment of Seren, Pirate’s Ship, and more! You can learn more about these by viewing the World Events guide, These World Events offer some of the best rewards in the game, including top PvP/PvM gear, the rarest Enchanting materials, and much more. To view more about what Aurora has to offer, spend some time reviewing the rest of the knowledge base and its contents!

Now lets get into how to get started in-game on Aurora.

Getting Started…

Gamemodes (Experience Combat/skilling)

  • Normal
    • 500xp/50xp with a 0% Drop Rate Boost
      • This game mode is known as the PvP Mode on Aurora, providing immediate access to PvP
    • 125xp/35xp with a 3% Drop Rate Boost
    • 40xp/25xp with a 5% Drop Rate Boost
  • Realism (Coming Soon)
  • Ironman
  • Hardcore Ironman
  • Ultimate Ironman

Learning the ropes…

Clean starting location filled with unique areas for players to engage in our content while getting started with Aurora. At the home you’ll find access to your basic things such as entry level achievements, slayer masters, skilling and much more. Below is some media and information on some of those things!

When starting out you will find your self closet to the Banks, Trading Post, Teleports, Shops as well as some useful npcs and objects.

Heading South from there will lead you to a few areas including but not limited to Slayer access, Skilling resources, Starter Combat monsters and more!

Heading East from will lead you to more Skilling resources as well as the AFK zone. The AFK skilling zone can only be accessed by voting, after 12 hours you’ll have to vote to regain access.

Heading North from there or East from the starting point will lead you to an area that houses our Wilderness Camp, Automated Tournaments, No-Prep Gauntlet, Skilling Stores, as well as access to the Great Vault for awesome loot.

Money Making

There are endless methods of earning wealth in Aurora, From PvP, to PvM content like our World Events, as well as Skilling. You create your own journey of saving up a large stockpile of wealth! For beginners, we advise starting at the thieving stalls located in the North West portion of Edgeville to get your bank roll going(See sub-section A for media).

Additionally it is recommended to start completing the beginner and medium achievements, as these can also help start building your stockpile without too much stress. Another great method for earning as a beginner on Aurora is to participate in the Pirate’s Ship World Event. There are no combat requirements for this event, as it only requires you to supply the pirates with items you can get from around the game and from skilling. Once you make it into mid-game gear, you will be able to start diving into some of our late game content. Additionally, completing hard, elite, and master achievements will greatly reward you financially.

a. Thieving

b. Achievements, Tasks and Contracts

Achievements are an excellent supply of coins throughout your playthrough of Aurora as well as offering useful items and supplies. Our achievements and their requirements are specifically tailored to offering a wide variety of play styles from PvP, PvM, and Skillers the ability to earn rewards throughout their adventures!

Beginner achievements are specifically aimed to assist new players in learning the ropes around Aroura’s home and beginner content. These starter achievements provide an alternative to sitting through the tutorial to learn how the home is setup while also earning quick starting cash.

Master achievements are not for the feint of heart, but they do offer the ultimate rewards and titles to flex amongst the community!

Combat tasks & Contracts
c. Slayer
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