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Wilderness Expansion Intro

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Table of Contents

  1. Expansion Bank
  2. Location B
  3. Location C
  4. Location D
  5. Location E
  6. Location F


Wilderness Expansion Bank

The Wilderness Expansion Bank is the central hub of the wilderness expansion on Aurora.

  • This area provides a safe spot with a bank, altars, pool of refreshment, Free for All portal, and access to The Great Vault. You can access the Expansion Bank through the teleport platform at home in Edge.

The Minion of Zaros

The Minion of Zaros can be found in the northern most part of the expansion indicated with a red circle above. You can head here by heading to the wilderness subcategory under teleports and then heading north from the Wilderness Expansion Bank.

  • In order to access the Minion of Zaros players must have an Ancient Key. Ancient keys can be received from any activity in the Wilderness Expansion.
  • Players can right click the barrier and select peek to see how may users are currently fighting the boss before entering.
  • This boss is quite difficult and uses a few potent mechanics throughout the fight. The boss will also randomize certain attacks to provide variety and difficulty when taking on this beast.

Ancient Demi-Bosses

Porazdir, Derwin, and Zachariah are located in the far east of the expansion.

  • You can fight them for a chance at unlocking rare materials to forge the Ancient Weapons, but first you will need to take on some of their followers in the region.
Table of Contents