Posted On: December 31, 2023
Category: Announcements
Author: chewy

Hi ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Aurora’s second official news letter! First and foremost we hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and hope that everyone closes out 2023 on a high note. 2024 will be huge for Aurora and below we will talk about some of the things to come including official testing, development updates and more.

One of the first steps we will be taking in 2024 for Aurora is live testing. The testing phase of Aurora will most likely end up one of if not the most important phases left during these months leading up to launch. Official testing is set to begin sometime in mid-January between the 10th and the 18th, there will be an announcement prior to its release. There will be various competitions being help during testing mainly a reward system for players reporting bugs. The official rewards and competitions will be announced alongside the launch of the test server, but you can expect a custom title on launch as well as some sort of bonus for reaching certain thresholds of bugs reported to be applied during the live server.

As we move through the testing phase we will be keeping a close eye on those who may provide an asset to our team so if you want to be apart of the Aurora team, actively participating is a great way to get your name in the hat. You can apply via the discord channel for various positions on our team.

This news letter will be more information oriented than media filled as with the holidays there have not been a ton of visual changes to the game but there still exciting things to talk about in terms of development. First off shoutout to Jaxx and Ynneh for working hard to continuously improve and enhance Aurora in so many different ways.

Recently Jaxx has been working on bringing in some quality of life changes to Aurora as well as some rather awesome content for our community to enjoy tackling. Besides what was mentioned in letter #1 players can also look forward to the following and much more as we progress into 2024!

    • Bi-hourly skill & event/minigame bonus has been implemented and is ready for testing
    • The daily reward system has been implemented and is ready for testing
    • System for automated flower poker has been started to begin our automated gambling features
    • The starting tutorial for players has been revamped to provide more information for new users when starting out
    • System for introducing the Gauntlet has been started (More information will follow as we progress through its completion)

Recently Ynneh has been working on bringing in some quality content but more importantly a major overhaul to various aspects of the Aurora client.

    • Updating our caches data to support the latest OSRS revisions, this update is quite large and requires a decent size overhaul to how our client handles a lot of things currently. This update will not be overnight and has a lot more technical changes rather than visual, but once we get to a place to show off some of the newer data we will. This update will open a hoist of doors for us to introduce various new custom and 1:1 content throughout Aurora’s world including the much anticipated Voidwalker and more.
    • We will be looking into switching over from OpenOSRS to Runelite for our client, this is also a rather large update but would allow us to improve our clients performance as well as offering their full plugin hub.
    • Lastly we will be working out all the issues that players would encounter when trying to run the client specifically with JDK.

Once again have a splendid end to your 2023!!

Kind regards,

The Aurora Team