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About Aurora

Hello and welcome to Aurora! Our game is a Semi-Custom OSRS based RSPS focused around bringing a unique and fun experience to the game we all love. On Aurora you’ll find a fine mix between custom and 1:1 OSRS content that has been blended together to create our community’s ideal server. We have spent countless hours talking with our community and staff working out a way to provide players with various game styles including immediate access to player vs player (PvP) content.

While we pride ourselves in introducing OSRS content as close to 1:1 as possible we are by no means an emulation of OSRS but we will do our best to keep up to date for our PvM community looking for those activities. On Aurora you will find a heavy focus on keeping our PvP community active and engaged at all times from automated tournaments, to unique and engaging World Events for players to tackle in groups to gain access to The Great Vault and its excellent rewards! Just remember we are here to have fun, things will be different than the real game here on Aurora but, that is what makes RSPS great!

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